Two of NZ’s leading beer producers, Lion and DB, have just added nutrition information panels on their packaging. Throughout the year, over 450 million beer bottles and cans will carry information on sugar, calories, dietary fibre, protein and carbs.

The voluntary initiative, launched in partnership with the Brewers Association, is the first stage of a long-term category programme, called ‘Beer the Beautiful Truth’, which aims to communicate nutritional facts and debunk myths about beer. Recent research, for example, found that most Kiwis don’t know that beer is 99 percent sugar-free.

“Consumers are keen for this information to be made available,” said Kevin Sinnot, external relations director, Brewers Association NZ. “Almost 75 percent of our survey respondents told us that nutritional content should be on alcohol products’ packaging. Having nutrition labels on food is especially important to women, with 83 percent in favour of labelling.”

All the nutritional information will also be available at