Whittaker’s and ‘Kiwis for kiwi’ are teaming up to save more kiwi bird chicks. Just in time for Easter, the chocolate manufacturer is once again releasing its limited-edition Chocolate Kiwis, with a commitment to donating $80,000 from sales of these unique treats to ‘Kiwis for kiwi’. Twenty cents from every Whittaker’s Chocolate Kiwi will, in fact, fund the charity’s Operation Nest Egg initiative.

Last year, the initiative helped nurture and safely release 66 kiwi chicks. New-born kiwi are raised in a safe environment until they reach one kilogramme, then are released into predator-controlled areas to encourage growth and reproduction.

“We had been talking with Kiwis for kiwi for some time, looking for the right opportunity to partner with them,” said Holly Whittaker, marketing manager, Whittaker’s. “The launch of our Whittaker’s Chocolate Kiwi for Easter last year provided that opportunity and we’re delighted with the results from the first year of our partnership with them – it’s really exciting to have such a clear link between our donation and the number of kiwi chicks that helps save.”

Operation Nest Egg is on track to help turn the 2 percent annual decline in kiwi populations into a 2 percent increase, with around 200 kiwi returned to the wild each year.

The Whittaker’s Chocolate Kiwi comes in two flavours (5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk and 50% Dark Chocolate) and two sizes (75 grammes and 150 grams). Available in a limited release.