a cyclist pours PowerAmp's Rapid Hydration sachet into his water bottle

Two cyclists, once rivals, have joined forces for the greater good with the launch of a new functional drink. Hayden Washington-Smith and Olly Ng created PowerAmp Sports for professional sportspeople: elite cyclists, endurance athletes, triathletes, and even CrossFitters.

The Rapid Hydration range is designed to rehydrate athletes better than other products currently on the New Zealand market. It uses hypotonic sports drink formulations, which are popular overseas and used at the Tour de France, but it’s been difficult to get quality products in New Zealand – until now.

"There are a handful of products sold in the USA but not exported overseas," said Ng. "I’ve tried a few and they are effective but some of them taste super synthetic or super salty. So, we thought we’d look at formulating a better tasting, hypotonic sports drink here in New Zealand."

Hypotonic sports drinks allow hydration to occur two or three times faster than water alone. They contain a specific concentration and ratio of sugar and electrolytes, which help drive water into cells.

Helped by Washington-Smith’s father, nutritional physiologist Grant Washington-Smith, the two have created a range of three products: Preparation, Rapid Hydration, and Recovery – each targeted at before, during, and after intense competition. Preparation and Recovery are currently in the research and development stage, with plans to launch in 2019.

The drinks are vegan, low-sugar, GMO-free, and gluten-free. They’re available in 400ml pouches and sold online at One pouch makes 10 litres, or 20 serves of 500ml.