In the latest FGC Leaders Series video, former Frucor’s CEO Mark Callaghan emphasised the importance of understanding consumers’ changing needs and educating them on different choices, while also providing design products that meet those needs.
“We have to be constantly challenging a real mindset of continuous improvement in the things we do, and it has to be deliberate, and it has to be with an end game in mind; trying to make products as good and as healthy and as positive for body and mind,” Callaghan said.

Giving consumers the right alternatives, finding a balance between treats and healthy food, is another challenge for food manufacturers.
“Our job is to try to meet the needs of all consumers, so you must have the appropriate level of choice. I don’t think you can stay in the one zone, particularly if you’re a large manufacturer.”
To achieve that goal, industry leaders need to educate their customers, by using the Health Star Rating and back-of-pack information panels, as well as through programmes in schools.
Katherine Rich, chief executive of FGC, said that the industry is now aware of this message and is currently supporting it by providing more information. More than 1,000 products, for example, are now using the Health Star Rating system, and many of FGC member companies are encouraging healthier lifestyles, funding initiatives in schools and communities.