‘Goodbye’ Receives International Natural Certification

The Kerikeri-based company Goodbye is the first grocery brand to receive the internationally recognised NATRUE certification in New Zealand. This certification verifies 100 percent natural and organic cosmetic products. Founder Becky Cashman explained that she recently completely the gruelling process to achieve this stringent international certification in a bid to make it easier for the consumer to identify truly natural products from 'faux natural' claims.

Products claiming to be natural do not always only contain natural products with the use of chemical bases or chemical preservatives being quite common. Consumers need to feel confident they are buying a truly natural product.  We welcomed NATRUE’s rigorous standards in defining our products as truly Natural and hope other brands will follow suit.

Goodbye's range includes Sandfly (a top-selling natural bug repellent), Ouch (a natural therapeutic balm for relief of chapped lips, grazes, bruises, bug bites, and so on), and Nits (a natural headlice product).

BioGro became a NATRUE approved certifier in 2011 and said consumers are confused and often mislead by the word 'natural' on various health and body care products as this is not a regulated market. BioGro has set the benchmark for this standard in New Zealand requiring 100 percent of ingredients to be natural raw materials or derived from natural using minimally processed methods.

“We investigated well known international natural standards and the NZ industry supported BioGro taking up NATRUE accreditation over other natural standards.  NATRUE is widely known around the world and carry’s a lot of weight,” explained Akiko Nicholls, BioGro's technical and accreditation manager.