Can you imagine a world without fish? If it weren’t for sustainable fishing, there would be no need for imagination.

John West NZ, in collaboration with WWF, the MSC and sustainable fishery Pacific, has committed to sourcing tuna exclusively caught through sustainable fishing methods. All John West skipjack tuna sold in New Zealand is now MSC certified.

“MSC is the world’s most credible sustainability standard for wild caught fish, a process which requires independent third-party auditors to evaluate a fishery’s performance against the most robust sustainability standards available globally,” said Peter Hardstaff, NZ head of campaigns, WWF.

Between 1970 and 2012, the size of marine populations has dropped by 49 percent, but John West New Zealand is confident its move will help bring awareness to the issue on a global scale.

“Our commitment extends much further, and aims not only to educate, but also to ingrain this perspective. We must position ocean sustainability as the ‘norm’ and only option moving forward,” said Chris Buddle, NZ country manager of Simplot.