Joanna Allan

Starting mid-January 2017, Joanna Allan will join Foodstuffs North Island as its new chief financial officer. With a background in engineering and 20 years’ experience in FMCG finance, Allan will be instrumental to the business’ future direction.

“Jo’s role as CFO will see her develop and deliver a financial and strategic plan to maintain and grow the business at a very exciting time,” said Chris Quin, CEO, Foodstuffs North Island. As the shape of retail is changing rapidly, Quin added, smart financial planning will enable the company to be entrepreneurial, innovative and competitive.

Allan’s career has led her to hold senior finance, strategy, leadership and transformation roles for several leading companies such as Danone, Frucor, Fonterra, Lion and Tegel.

“I’ve worked very closely with many of the household names on our supermarket shelves and understand just how important it is to ensure New Zealanders continue to enjoy the best value products in the best shopping environments,” said Allan.