Z petrol station

Rising prices of petrol and the dropping value of methamphetamines has resulted in an economy where 300 litres of petrol will get you $450 of meth.

Porirua resident Christopher Tyacke was arrested for a series of petrol thefts across the Wellington region between January and July, only for police to find out he’d exchanged the majority of the stolen black gold for methamphetamines.

Tyacke has agreed to speak about the growing black market after being sentenced to nine months of home detention. He stated that the meth market was changing dramatically, with a gram now worth $450 where it had once cost $1000.

He felt morally justified in stealing the petrol to pay for meth because he had stolen from large international companies. The amount he took – a total of $4400 worth – is a drop in the ocean for large oil corporations. Both Z and BP spokespeople confirmed that staff at their petrol stations were not expected to pay for petrol thefts. A Z spokesperson said, "we have high definition CCTV and number plate recognition at our sites, which means a lot of the prevention measures are automatically taken care off through software."

“It was an easy way to get it without screwing people over and without ripping off families,
said Tyacke. "I've had a lot of time to think. I've just felt quite guilty for my kids really - being in custody."

Tyacke has been sentenced to home detention and must avoid drugs and alcohol. He’s also been disqualified from driving for six months and ordered to pay $4406.12 in reparation.