WITH the aim of becoming self-sufficient in food production, Penelope and Bill de Boer bought a bare six acre property on the outskirts of Martinborough. Since its purchase in 2006 the property has been extensively developed to include a large orchard, citrus grove, planted berries and currants, and is now home to the Martinborough Manner brand. The company manufactures up to 90 products encompassing jams, chutneys, relishes, fruit dessert sauces and fruit vinegars at its on-site commercial kitchen. Manufactured in small batches using old fashioned recipes, the majority of the Martinborough Manner’s ingredients are grown on the property.

“Our products differ to alternatives on the market as we add nothing that is ‘named’ by a number to our products. All our ingredients would be recognized by our grandparents and the fact that we grow our own ingredients for much of our product line means that we guarantee to use finest quality fruit,” says Penelope.

Its diverse product offering reflects the brand’s aim for self-sufficiency with produce frozen at the peak of its quality, allowing ingredients to be available all year round.

Penelope believes consumers are behind the increasing interest in artisan products with a growing focus on food origins and ingredients.

“A higher standard of product can be maintained where a small number of really dedicated people are involved – because it is our business we have 100% buy-in to producing a brilliant product.  People appreciate this and more and more are looking to buy products produced in such a manner,” she says.

Some Martinborough Manner products are available in specialty stores with the couple looking for further supermarket stockists.

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