Green Valley is proud manufacturers of Cooking Cream, Organic 1L range and its new product, Barista Silk @Home. Cooking is a serious business and if you want a quality dish, Green Valley Cooking Cream is a must have. With only 17 percent fat, it delivers on taste, performance, reliability and ease of use. So, get creating!

Organic milk - nurtured by nature and full of goodness. Its 1L range is in a class of its own, with newly designed labels and beautifully sleek bottle, the taste is second to none and what's more, organically produced.

Barista Silk @Home is a new kid on the block. Once only in the realm of the professional barista, the team have created a take home milk, which will give coffee a creamy delicious texture. It heats and stretches beautifully and is fantastic for latte art. Give it a shot!

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