One of New Zealand’s most innovative food businesses, The Collective, is leading the charge as the first yoghurt company in New Zealand to use recycled plastic (rPET) in its packaging.

As part of a company-wide sustainability journey to reduce its environmental impact, The Collective’s kefir probiotic yoghurt is the first of its products to hit the shelves with recycled plastic packaging.

“People want more environmentally friendly options and ways to reduce their own personal impact. This bottle change aims to reduce the amount of new plastic created by over 35 tonnes a year," said Angela Lewis, Marketing Director at The Collective.

“This is the next step in our sustainability journey, and we are committed to doing more in this area. To highlight the change, we’ve even made the bold move to update our logo on the bottles to make it even easier for people to spot it on shelf.”

The Collective has also partnered with conservation charity, Trees That Count, to further reduce its impact. Trees That Count was launched in 2016 with one ambitious goal – to see millions more native trees planted throughout the country. Their online marketplace provides a place for all New Zealanders to fund or gift native trees.

“By working together with companies like The Collective we’re able to plant more and more precious natives around the country and further reduce carbon emissions. Every bottle of kefir probiotic yoghurt purchased, goes toward this effort," said Melanie Seyfort, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Trees That Count.

Kefir probiotic yoghurts are available in five flavours: natural, unsweetened coconut, boysenberry, blueberry and mango turmeric. All available in supermarkets nationwide.

Packaging company Alto, a division of Pact Group that produces the bottles, says now that The Collective has moved to using recycled plastic in its kefir bottles, 98 tonnes of CO2 emissions will be saved each year.