Pic’s and Whittaker’s Come Together

Pic’s Peanut Butter is releasing its new Peanut & Chocolate Butter to delight their peanut butter community and Kiwi fans of the flavour combination. Even better, it’s crafted with New Zealand’s favourite Whittaker’s Chocolate, including a combination of Whittaker’s Five Roll Refined Creamy Milk and its Dark Ghana 72%.

For thirteen years, Pic Picot, the founder and owner of Pic’s Peanut Butter, steadfastly resisted adding anything but salt to his cherished peanut butter.

In 2020, in the face of pleas from his people to try something new and an opportunity to partner with New Zealand’s beloved Whittaker’s chocolate, he gave his blessing to the creation of Pic’s Peanut & Chocolate Butter.

“Peanuts and chocolate have always gone well together and the team has done a marvellous job of turning them into something I know lots of our customers will find irresistible,” said Pic.

“For me, a new Kiwi of just eight years, I could think of nothing better than bringing two of New Zealand’s most loved and tastiest products together! Think of it as a peanut slab in a jar. A pantry staple that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. I get a warm glow just thinking about it," said Pic’s Product Creator, Carrie Anne Bennett.

Pic’s Peanut & Chocolate Butter combines Pic’s signature crunchy peanuts and the generous mix of Whittaker’s Five Roll Refined Creamy Milk and Dark Ghana 72%, with a pinch of sea salt.

Whittaker’s makes all of its world-class chocolate at its one factory in Porirua, from beans-to-bar; it doesn’t have far to travel to Pic’s Peanut Butter World in Nelson, where the Peanut Butter Makers combine it with Pic’s delicious signature Hi Oleic peanuts to create a locally-made product that is truly special!

Pic’s Peanut & Chocolate Butter is available in New World and PAK’nSAVE supermarkets nationwide and speciality food stores around New Zealand.