Increasing choice at supermarkets means Kiwis are recreating their favourite takeaways at home – even fish and chips.

gardein, one of the world’s best known meat-free brands, is expecting plant-based fakeaway to be one of the hottest food trends in New Zealand this summer.

According to gardein, the surge in fast food brands featuring plant-based options on their menus – including BurgerFuel and HELL Pizza – is raising awareness of the fact that plant based takeaway can be just as tasty as the meaty original. In turn, this is encouraging consumers to experiment with recreating their own fakeaway versions at home.

“While not all of us are ready to give up eating meat and dairy full time, more and more of us are keen to experiment with cutting down for environmental, ethical or health reasons. However, we don’t want to give up on our favourite comfort and takeaway foods either,” said Adrian Gastevski, sales director of Future Farm Co, the importer of gardein New Zealand and Australia.

“The choice in New Zealand supermarkets has skyrocketed, and continued innovation means that burgers are no longer the only option either. Kiwis wanting to cut down on meat can recreate crispy chicken sandwiches, meatball subs and even fish and chips using 100% plant based products. It is now possible to make healthier, plant-based versions of much-loved takeaways without having to compromise on taste.”

To celebrate the fakeaway trend, gardein is running a nationwide campaign inspiring Kiwis to try switching their favourite takeaway for a plant-based fakeaway version. The campaign will run throughout January and February and will include social media competitions, recipe ideas, sampling and fakeaway Instagram content.

'Some people think meat-free food is dull but this couldn't be further from the truth, its experimental and it's delicious,” explains Adrian. “It can also be much healthier, with many products containing less fat and calories than the meat they’re replicating. We’re looking forward to opening more people’s eyes to the rise of plant-based fakeaway. You don’t have to miss out on your favourite tastes simply because you want to eat less meat.”

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