Social Supermarket for Kaitaia

Foodstuffs is opening a social supermarket in Kaitai by late may this year
This is the Kaitaia building set to be transformed into a social supermarket by the end of May, providing the Far North with dignity in personal food choice.

Foodstuffs have made a commitment to ensure everyone in New Zealand has access to healthy food with the announcement of their second social supermarket. Different from normal food relief initiatives, the supermarket gives kiwis dignity in choice.

Set to open in Kaitaia by the end of May, the supermarket will be a joint effort between Foodstuffs and the Te Kahu Oranga Whānau - A collective of iwi and Māori organisations in the Far North. The social supermarket will be called Pātaka, which refers to a food storehouse or community pantry in Te reo Māori. 

"The idea behind social supermarkets is that when individuals or families have an emergency need for whatever reason - maybe they're having a tough week, or a tough month and are struggling to put food on the table – we can do more than just give them what we have in a pre-packed food parcel. The intention is to have a range of products on the shelves in our social supermarket that enables them to come in, have the dignity of choosing the products they need themselves, so they can make the kind of meals they want to cook, shopping in an environment that looks and feels like a normal supermarket." Said Willa Hand, Head of Membership Experience for Foodstuffs North Island. 

The opening of Pātaka follows the success of the social supermarket partnership between Foodstuffs North Island and the Wellington City Mission. In its first year of operations, the supermarket helped over three thousand Wellingtonians in need. Every social supermarket Foodstuffs helps open will be different, taping into the local knowledge of community partners to tailor the offering for the needs of each community.

“It’s hard to imagine that in just a few short weeks the building will be transformed into a fully-fledged supermarket environment. The team are amazing, they bring their years of experience and mahi to bring the place to life to help others. It’s a great experience for all of us to be making a meaningful difference.”