EARLIER this year Talley's was convicted under the Health and Safety in Employment Act for failing to ensure the safety of one its workers. Details have now been revealed of another serious injury to a Talley's worker, at the same time the company was campaigning to soften health and safety laws.
Bosses failed to rush Alister Doran to the hospital after his arm was sliced open while working on the slaughter board at Malvern freezing works, owned by Talley's.
Doran spent three days in hospital while work was done reconstructing his arm, he has permanent loss of feeling in the limb and 40% loss of strength in the arm.
When Doran took a personal grievance case against Talley's, they company responded by moving him to a lower-ranked role and dropping his pay.
Talley's owners South Pacific Meats were ordered to pay Doran $12,000 in lost wages and compensation.
Over the last three years ACC has paid out $8 million to nearly 5000 Talley's workers and 1286 Talley's workers injured on the job last year alone.