Chilli Sauce Range Gets Refresh

Out with the old, in with the new … Golden Sun's range of Sweet Thai Chilli sauce is having a make-over. In fact, Golden Sun is about to refresh the whole range, and the Sweet Thai Chilli sauces will be first to switch over to the new golden yellow packaging.

Its new branding is designed to tell more of a story about our products and the brands' origins. The brand sources ingredients from all over the world, and wanted to tell the stories of where its products are sourced. The Sweet Thai Chilli sauces are made from an authentic Thai recipe, and the chillis used are sourced from farms in Thailand.

Your spring rolls and wedges with sour cream simply can’t live without the Golden Sun Traditional Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce. The Sweet Thai Chilli with Ginger adds an extra zing to your sweet and spicy. And, for those conscious on sugar, our 50%  less sugar Sweet Thai Chilli sauce packs a spicy punch, with half the sugar. Golden Sun's Sweet Thai Chilli sauces are readily available in your supermarkets, with our 50% less sugar available in Countdown from October.