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Free Range with a difference: FRENZ mantra has always been “Keeping it Real

"It’s an important difference where today’s customer wants assurance that free-range means what it says and is not just a marketing term. This real way of farming has been FRENZ philosophy for more than 30 years confirming that their sustainable model of giving free access for all their hens to the great outdoors is truly free range.

Now when you take those added benefits of higher natural protein, greater Omeaga3 levels and less saturated fats inside each egg and then use the latest technology to ensure the outside of each egg is “Kitchen Safe”  you have the best of both worlds. Clean and sanitised shells are the most hygienic and preferred method to ensure you and your family are not put at risk when handling eggs from the farm in your kitchen.

And because our flocks are kept in small family farm environments we are able to ensure that each egg is stamped with a unique FRENZ message and each pack receives a unique flock number so you can trace your egg to the family farm using our Flock identity finder on our website and meet our passionate farmers who enjoy producing the best eggs in the world from their farm to your plate."

For more information contact olivia@frenzs.co.nz or 027 536 2324 or visit www.frenzeggs.co.nz. 

"At New Day Eggs we’re a proud member of Independent Egg Producers Co-operative. We’re a community of family farmers, from Otago to Northland, who care passionately about producing and delivering the very best and freshest free-range eggs to our customers to every corner of the country from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

We’re proudly 100% New Zealand owned and our family farms have been passed down from generation to generation. We’re passionate about farming and quality New Zealand produce. We embrace new ideas and technologies and, as well as maintaining the heritage and tradition of family-style farming, we’ve adapted to take care of our hens and maximise the quality and freshness of our eggs.

We guarantee our customers that New Day free range eggs are the real thing. Each of our farms is independently audited by AsureQuality Ltd which verifies compliance with the Animal Code of Welfare (2012) for free-range layer hens. This gives you and your customers a free-range assurance guarantee."

For more information please contact Susan Bamfield, General Manager, IEP Co-operative Ltd at sbamfield@independenteggs.co.nz.

Since introducing shoppers to cage-free barn eggs 25 years ago, Henergy has become known for its ethically farmed delicious eggs for families and foodies.

So much so, that it should be no surprise that a Henergy product is the number 1 seller by a country mile in the fast-growing barn segment (source: Aztec MAT Volume 10/9/17)

Todays’ shopper is searching for products they can trust and Henergy delivers on all fronts.

With our passion for welfare and traceability, you can be confident that Henergy eggs are laid to the highest of standards at our farm in the Wairarapa. This means Henergy eggs are completely traceable.

Whatever your preference, poached, fried, or scrambled Henergy eggs will never disappoint on taste and quality.

Our focus on innovation such as chilling immediately after laying enables the best possible egg can be on your’ shelves within 48 hours anywhere in NZ.

Henergy also pioneered the Blue Tick with the SPCA and has been built on the concept that the hen comes first

Take advantage of the growth and improve profitability. If you do not have Henergy on your shelves, you and your customers are missing out.

To discover more contact Henergy cagefree@henergy.co.nz. 

Poultry farming has been in the Sandle family for four generations but they first got into free-range farming back in 2007 when they purchased a farm just south of Whangarei called Otaika Valley. Otaika Valley free-range eggs have been in business for 10 years and while the original farm is still operating in Otaika, the company is based in Rotorua where there is a second free-range farm in Kaharoa.

The Otaika Valley mission is to provide New Zealanders with premium free-range eggs produced to the highest ethical standards, targeting consumers wanting to buy ethical eggs. It is currently the number two free-range egg brand in the New Zealand.

It is a family owned and operated business, with over 60 years’ experience in the poultry industry. All the family members are active and passionately involved in the daily running of the business and are all proud and strive to be the best.

Otaika Valley has a full range of sized free-range range eggs and is running a limited-edition Christmas carton again this year. The company is continuing to expand in order to cater for the growing market demand.

For more information contact William Sandle, william@otaikavalleyeggs.co.nz, call 0211 444 485, or visit www.otaikavalleyeggs.co.nz.

Woodland free range eggs are New Zealand’s first free-range eggs that bear individual stamps of origin so that the provenance of each egg can be traced all the way back to the free-range farm where the hen laid it.

For consumers, this means that when they buy Woodland, they will get individually stamped eggs that they can be 100% sure are authentic free range eggs.

The hens on Woodland’s free-range farms are free to wander in the pastures under the canopy of trees that protect them from birds of prey and the elements.  Woodland eggs are collected every day to ensure freshness, are individually inspected, graded and packaged, and are now also marked with the Woodland stamp of origin to complete the process.

Traceability, branding, in-store merchandising and quality continues to drive Woodland nationally. Woodland is New Zealand’s top-selling free-range brand and a must have for all retailers.

For more information regarding the full range of Woodland lines, top performers and value drivers please ask your local Zeagold rep or phone 0800 367 344.

To trace your egg or for more information go to www.woodlandeggs.co.nz

Woodland, New Zealand’s favourite free range eggs.  (Aztec: 03/09/2017)