After starting the company in 2009, Salash Delicatessen continues to use generations of family history and knowledge to produce the best properly dry-cured meats they sell today.

SALASH DELICATESSEN1What makes Salash Delicatessen stand out?

Every week we produce a new batch of different sausages, salamis and air dried meats that are proudly kept to our original family recipes that go back four generations. We insist on using only the best cuts of naturally raised meat and other selected all-natural, organic raw ingredients to slowly develop the wonderful textures, unrivalled depth of flavours and excellent natural qualities across our range of products.

Salash Delicatessen is the first and only producer of proper, truly authentic, salami in New Zealand. We do not use starter cultures or any additives or chemicals in any of our products and they are all nitrate, gluten and allergen free. The taste is simply, pure and natural.

What’s new with Salash Delicatessen?

We are always working on new recipe development and the latest addition to our salami range is our ‘Pork and Fennel’ salami. This salami is also produced 100 percent naturally, following traditional, time-tested methods.

Future plans for the business?

We are currently finalising new product sizing and packaging solutions to meet market demands and we believe by the end of July we will be ready to supply any retailer in New Zealand.

Where can individuals and the industry purchase your product?

Our products can be found in many dishes served in restaurants and cafes around New Zealand. You can purchase our products in all Farro Fresh stores, selected Fresh Choice stores, some cellar door shops, many delis and also our own retail shop in iconic Victoria Park Market and at various Farmer’s Markets around Auckland.

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