After Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand, another family asset might now fall off the shelves.

A group of Virginians is calling for a boycott of the NY-based chain Wegmans for selling Trump Winery wines at its Virginia stores. ‘Stop Trump Wine’ calls on restaurants, bars and distributors to support other Trump boycotts, and plans to carry out these actions till the day ‘Donald and Eric Trump stop supporting and implementing policies of hate, and publicly pledge to preserve and protect the rights of all Americans.’

Wegmans has responded through a spokesperson. “For various reasons, we are sometimes asked to stop selling a product. Our response is always the same, no matter the product: how a product performs is our single measure for what stays on our shelves and what goes.”

Meanwhile, stores in the Washington region are selling out of Trump Winery bottles, and according to retailers, buyers are either Trump supporters or people buying it 'as a joke on somebody else'.

Based in central Virginia, Trump Winery alleges being the state’s largest vineyard. Trump’s son Eric reportedly oversees the operations as the winery’s president, “everything from winemaking and marketing to global distribution and sales.”