A variety of plastic bottles

Unilever has announced its goal to reduce the use of plastic packaging by 2025. The multinational corporation, and owner of brands such as Dove, Lipton and Ben & Jerry’s issued a comprehensive media release detailing the measures that it will take to achieve the goal. The latest initiative is done in a bid to solve the current plastic pollution problem.

By 2025 the company aims to reduce the use of virgin plastic by 50 percent. This will be done through investing in multiple-use packs (reusable and/or refillable), ‘no plastic’ solutions (alternative packaging materials or naked products) and lessening the plastic in existing packs (concentration).

Furthermore, the business also aims to help collect and process more plastic packaging than the company sells. In the last five years, it has partnered with the United Nations Development Programme to help ‘segregate, collect and recycle’ packaging across India. It hopes to acquire more investments and partnerships in waste collection and processing to achieve the goal.

This commitment will require the business to help collect and process an estimated 600,000 tonnes of plastic annually by 2025.

“Our vision is a world in which everyone works together to ensure that plastic stays in the economy and out of the environment,” said Alan Jope, Unilever CEO. “Our plastic is our responsibility and so we are committed to collecting back more than we sell, as part of our drive towards a circular economy. This is a daunting but exciting task which will help drive global demand for recycled plastic.”