A $2 billion lawsuit has been filed against Walmart by agricultural tech company Zest Labs. The company claims that the commercial giant “unfairly and illegally” used Zest Lab's intellectual property when developing its Eden Food Freshness technology.

The tech which was created earlier this year is an “intelligent food” enterprise established to stop waste and improve the quality of perishable foods.

The lawsuit which was filed by Zest Labs in the United States District Court claimed that “Zest Labs engaged with Walmart to demonstrate the value of Zest Fresh to reduce waste and improve delivered shelf life consistency. During this time, Zest Labs’ proprietary information and trade secrets were shared with Walmart, including members of Walmart’s executive leadership team.”

Zest Fresh which was created by Zest Labs is a system designed to reduce America’s $85 billion-dollar food waste issue by helping food distributors, retailers and growers limit their food-to-shelf waste by providing data and insights.