A Truly New Zealand Yoghurt

Lewis Road Creamery is proud to introduce a game-changing new yoghurt range that celebrates all things New Zealand — not a Greek yoghurt, not an Icelandic yoghurt, but a truly New Zealand yoghurt, using New Zealand ingredients and New Zealand know-how.

After years of development, the diary brand has landed on a recipe that is rich and supremely creamy, packaged in a glass jar and made using only the finest natural ingredients.

To achieve its thick and creamy texture, the yoghurt is cloth- strained and naturally fermented over three days for delicious results and a luxuriously smooth mouth-feel. Low in fat, a good source of protein, and packed full of probiotics and cultures for immunity and wellbeing, you’ll soon want to make this product part of your daily routine. The hard part will be choosing your favourite flavour.

Made in the South Island, the new range comprises four perfectly balanced flavours: Natural, Sweetened with Honey, Boysenberry with a hint of Rose, and Lemon & Juniper.

Try the whole range:

Natural ~ The perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, this deliciously creamy yoghurt is ideal for using in savoury dishes, sauces and cooking.

Sweetened with Honey ~ Sweetened by adding just the right amount of honey, from our friends at J Friend & Co., the subtle floral notes harmonise beautifully with our yoghurt’s creamy base.

Boysenberry with a hint of Rose - A luxurious boysenberry puree is mixed into our base before adding only the finest top note rose extract.

Lemon & Juniper ~ Proudly our wildcard flavour - you’ll love this tangy lemon twist with a complexity that hearkens back to the botanicals of gin.