Simon Yandall

BJ Ball’s Green Kleen, a range of Kiwi-made household and auto cleaners, continues to grow. They are simple, effective and 99 percent natural, as certified by NZ’s toughest green standard Environmental Choice. Even more remarkable for any eco-friendly product, the Green Kleen’s line-up is well-priced compared to other traditional cleaners.

Using a powerful formulation that has reached its third version of development, the brand has already set a solid foothold in the South Island with a 80 percent distribution in Foodstuffs’ stores, and is growing in the North Island. Over the past few months, the company has been enjoying a successful lift in sales due to revised packaging, which has reinforced its certified natural status.

“The product’s point of difference lies in its content, in the correct balance between water and plant-based, sustainable ingredients,” said Green Kleen’s national sales manager Simon Yandall, who has been in chemical innovations and marketing since 1992. A brainchild of Yandall himself, the original formulation took his team a couple of years in the making. Today, the range includes all sorts of essential products, such as glass cleaners, shower and bathroom sprays and a multi-purpose option. Besides being non-toxic, they performed exceptionally well in independent testing, including head-to-head tests.