Persil EcoActive is a laundry detergent born from the insight that 70% of ANZ consumers want to make purchase decisions that have a more positive impact on the environment, however, they are frustrated when they have to compromise on quality in order to do so. Persil EcoActive is Persil’s most sustainable laundry detergent yet, delivering the trusted clean of Persil in a 70% plant-based formula. Not only is the packaging 100% recyclable, but it also contains 25% recycled plastic which is Unilever's first step on a journey to create more sustainable packaging. Unilever as a company has committed to all plastic packaging having at least 25% recycled plastic included by 2025, Persil wants to accelerate that goal and get there as quick as it can.

"We hope to be a catalyst for more, to encourage others in the industry to follow and create a wider demand for local recycled plastic in packaging."

  • Septic safe
  • 0% Dyes
  • Biodegradable fragrance
  • The bottle is 100% recyclable (as are all of our liquid detergent bottles)
  • Made in a Zero waste factory