Little Bird Organics Good Nuts are a crisp perfection achieved through a gentle process of activation and dehydration rather than roasting. Through this process, the nuts retain their nutritional goodness.


Little Bird Organics Good Nuts are bursting with nutrition and flavour, offering customers three delicious choices of Cheesy Chipotle Cashews, Salty Seaweed Almonds and Banana Bread Walnuts. All of the Good Nuts range are entirely free of dairy, gluten and added sugar.


Good Nuts are sold in conveniently sized packs that fit in your pocket, making them an exceptional high energy protein snack on-the-go and a deliciously healthy choice for kids lunchboxes. 


“People shifting towards a healthier diet mistakenly swap out crisps and cookies for savoury and sweet mixed nuts thinking they’re making a healthier choice, said Megan May, founder of Little Bird Organics. “The trouble is many nut mixes contain hydrogenated oils, sugar and several additives and preservatives, so although you’re getting a little more nutrition, they’re still a heavily processed food.”


Made with nutritious organic ingredients such as sea lettuce, kelp and an array of fragrant spices, Little Bird Organics Good Nuts aren’t just delicious, but seriously good for you too. 

With the magic of activation and dehydration, Little Bird Organics has gone one step further to unlock and concentrate the nutrition in every single nut and give them a delicious crunch, without any roasting.


“As a chef with many food intolerances and a fussy 4-year-old, I wanted to create delicious healthy nut mixes with fun indulgent flavours,” continued May. “The ‘cheesy’ flavour in our Cheesy Chipotle Cashews is made with fresh raw carrots, and nutritional yeast, the ‘caramel’ banana bread flavour in our Banana Bread Walnuts is made using raw cacao, fresh bananas, spices and mesquite.”


Little Bird Organics Good Nuts tick all the boxes, being a protein and nutrient-rich snack on-the-go, made from organic real food ingredients, allowing you to indulge and feel good about it altogether.


Little Bird Organics Good Nuts will be available at select supermarkets, grocers and green stores nationwide from 12th November 2019.