Irish Drink Sensation VitHit Set for Australian Release

gary levin of VitHit clasps an orange juice-tea hybrid in his healthy hand

Irish functional drink VitHit is set to make its debut in the Asia-Pacific region. Founder Gary Levin has brought the brand – well-known in the US, Europe, and the UK for over a decade – to Australia.

VitHit is a range of six bottled beverages developed as an alternative to sugary drinks. The brand has secured a deal with Australia-wide retailer Coles.

Levin began his search for entry into the Australian market during a holiday in 2015.“I was very surprised that even though it was known to be a generally healthy nation, many of the products sold there were alarmingly high in sugar,” he said.

The VitHit beverages that hit Australian shelves will be an improved version of the signature range, made with fruit juice concentrates and tea. The drinks are enriched with antioxidants, amino acids, and 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals in every bottle.

Drink variants are each developed for a specific purpose. Immunitea is designed to support the immune system, and Perform is a “gym buddy in a bottle.” The Australian drinks are the result of research into the natural sweetener stevia that the brand has conducted – they needed to find a way to formulate the drink with stevia within the EU’s constraints.

“In Europe, certain constraints mean the permitted stevia levels are quite low, which makes it a lot more difficult to get the taste right – that’s why it’s taken so long,” commented Levin. Australian customers will be among the first to reap the benefits of this testing.

Once the brand has a foothold in Australia, it will be open to further expansion in Asia and the Pacific.